Talent & Personalization

Talent & personalization

In this section participants will be introduced to the southern portion of the Wind Rose Model (four directions of the wind, North, South, East and West) that is used in TrendsGymnasium. The values of the South are relevant to the understanding of trends found in Talent & Personalization and a comparison between China and Italy illustrates the differences in these two countries, regarding originality and creativity, values also influencing the cultural scene of Beijing. In this section you will also be introduced to three important global generational nuclei, which are Lively Kids, Expo Teens and Unique Sons and you will learn how to observe, interpret and use these targets in future research. A variety of quizzes will help you test your learning progress and a final exercise will help you apply your findings (*same for all 4 sections).

Sustainability & Simplicity

Sustainability & Simplification

In the second section participants are introduced to the northern portion of the Wind Rose Model and will compare Scandinavia and Canada, two very different countries that possess similar values in terms of the ethics surrounding Sustainability & Simplicity, values highly relevant for consumers in the city of Vancouver. In this section you will be introduced to the global generational nuclei of, Normal Breakers, Singular Women and Family Activists.

Sensoriality & Exploration

Sensoriality & Exploration

The third section introduces participants to the eastern portion of the Wind Rose Model, comparing the values of Japan and Brasil, helping us to try and understand their differences and similarities in regards to harmony and excellence in terms of Sensoriality & Exploration, qualities that can also be found in the city of São Paulo. The two global generational nuclei introduced in this section are, Sense Girls, Premium Seekers and Pleasure Growers.

Sharing & Sociability

Sharing & Sociability

The fourth and final section of TrendsGymnasium introduces participants to the western portion of the Wind Rose Model and focuses on the cultural characteristics and local behaviorisms found in the United States of America and Colombia, two very influential countries in terms of mobility and technology, and includes a focus of the city of San Francisco. The three global generational nuclei introduced in this section are, Posh Tweens, Linker People and Mind Builders.

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