Since the success of a project often depends on its ability to integrate together a number of different disciplines, the goal of TrendsGymnasium is to propose a mix between creativity, intuition and research methodologies.
TrendsGymnasium is an online Coolhunting training course designed to help people effectively learn how to spot and analyze short, medium and long term trends, by interpreting their impact on society using the technique of Coolhunting to originate fresh ideas.

Course content

full training

In this learning experience, Future Concept Lab guides participants through 4 core sections: Talent & Personalization, Sustainability & Simplification, Sensoriality & Exploration and Sharing & Sociability. Each section consists of progressive training modules and these modules are broken down into 43 short lessons, where participants will learn the main aspects of socio-cultural change, familiarizing themselves with local and global trends.
The first modules include trend reports, lessons and exercises, and focus on understanding the differences between Microtrends, Macrotrends and local vs. global trends, by utilizing the Institute’s concrete research tools to help identify changes in society and in diverse markets.
In the final modules, participants are introduced to Coolhunting and Cultsearching techniques, and will put these learned techniques into practice through on-the-spot observation while receiving guidance from our trend researchers for final project development ideas.
Simply put, the first half of the course is theory based and the second half is taking what you have learned from the theoretical portion of the course and putting it together with your own creativity and passion by going out into the world to perform your own “Coolhunting” fieldwork exercises in order to create a cohesive and original final project.

For Whom

This course is perfect for anyone who is creative, curious and has a passion for watching and recording what’s happening in the world around you. We at FCL feel it is important for designers, students, creative figures, managers and companies to stay connected to the reality in which they are located, by performing a systematic, 360 degree observation of their city or town in order to begin defining future marketing strategies.

Tutor Program

Each participant will be assigned a tutor who is a trend researcher at Future Concept Lab. Your tutor will follow and assist you throughout your entire TrendsGymnasium learning program. They will review your assignments and tests upon completion of each section, and they will provide you with necessary feedback during the fieldwork and project development portions of the course. You will have regular check-up meetings with your tutor throughout the course via Skype and outside of these scheduled Skype calls your tutor can be reached via email.

Online Assistance

Since our program operates from Milan, Italy and we are on CET (Central European Time) the online help desk is available Monday through Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 CET. We understand that course participants are from different cities and countries around the world, so if you incur any problems with the TrendsGymnasium system please send us an email, be patient, and we will get back to you in no more than 12 hours.


Upon successful completion of the TrendsGymnasium course, Future Concept Lab will present participants with a Certificate of Completion, certifying that they have met all requirements of the course.
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