Who are we

Future Concept Lab


Future Concept Lab is a research institute that specializes in marketing issues and global consumer trends. With extensive research activities in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, FCL’s headquarters is in Milan and it has correspondents in twenty-five countries around the world. In 2010 FCL opened its second office in São Paulo, Brazil. Over the past 20 years of research, consulting and training activities the Institute has developed an in-house methodology used to identify and follow trends over time.
With more than 200 clients from every business sector, 10 years of successful trend seminars (Future Vision Workshops), development of more than 25 megatrends and hundreds of trends recorded in 10 books, give evidence of the efficacy of FCL’s methodologies.
Our goal is to develop new concepts regarding products, communications and distribution in order to enable its clients to effectively deal with both advanced and emerging markets. The Institute implements integrated research projects based on specific in-house methodologies and research programs that lead to the definition of sector-related scenarios and offers consultancy and training services. The in-house team of Future Concept Lab is an interdisciplinary and creative team of professionals, including sociologists, designers and psychologists. The team members involved in the TrendsGymnasium training program have gained extensive experience in the world of education, offering training courses both in corporate realities and universities in many countries. Therefore the training program, trend reports, exercises and briefs have been developed to fit the needs of young professionals interested in social interpretation, market changes and business opportunities, based on the team’s vast expertise. The team will assist students throughout the chosen training course and will offer feedback and guidance at every step.
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